A to Z of Simple Sales Tips: G – Get your face known

Getting your face known means exactly that – getting known and recognised by your potential customers. There are various ways to do this and ultimately the most effective is still actually getting in-front of people and finding out the results they want from your service. This may feel time-consuming and hard-work, but it is the best.

However, that is not to say you can start the ball rolling by other methods – here’s a few…

  • Networking groups (like BNI and 4Networking to name a couple)
  • Speaker events (where you are the expert and delivering a talk on your service)
  • Social media (being active on Twitter, Face-book and LinkedIn, but DEFINTELY seek expert advice on how to make the most of these opportunities – many people use social media, very few use it effectively in business!)
  • Attending conferences/seminars

Whatever you do to get your face know, anything is 100% better than sitting in your office waiting for the phone to ring – because it more often won’t!

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H – Hope without action is hopeless!


A to Z of Simple Sales Tips: F – Follow your customers to the “watering hole”


In the wild, animals congregate at the one place they all need to go – the watering hole (this is also where natural predators also go to watch their potential prey)

In business, we can learn much from this. For instance, if you are a physiotherapist then your typical customer will be someone who is suffering from muscular or joint problems. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a “watering hole” where people who have muscular or joint problems go? If you could you would have a ready-made group of potential customers. Well you can, because it exists already! It’s called a gym!

Everybody who goes to a gym will potentially have muscular or joint problems at some stage, so be there for when they do!

Find out what the “watering hole” is for your typical customer group (it might be a networking group, a social media group, or a conference/seminar) and ensure you’re there when they are – you’ll never struggle for potential customers again!

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G – Get your face known

A to Z of Simple Sales Tips: E – Engaging solutions (not just a standard quote)


The back of a successful sale should be broken long before you send the customer your proposal/quote. This should have been done when you met them and explained the results you can deliver for them. So why bother with a proposal/quote at all, you might ask?

I agree – if you can win the sale without sending one then definitely do so because it removes a stage of the sale cycle and saves you and your customer time writing/reading something that is not needed.

However, for most high-value sales there is usually a requisite for a proposal from the customer – so use this as the cementing of the results you discussed in your meeting.

Countless businesses fall down at this stage by posting/emailing out standard “6×2” quotes. I call them these because they remind me of a joiner’s shopping list for the local building merchants.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your results on paper and into your customer’s business – especially if someone else (other than who you have already met) is going to be party to the decision-making.

Here are 5 top tips to an engaging proposal –

  1. Include the #1 result you are going to deliver for your customer in the title (e.g. How we can help ABC Ltd increase your sales by 50%)
  2. Talk about the results you are going to deliver more than how you are going to deliver them
  3. Back up each result with a relevant case-study or testimonial
  4. Talk in your customer’s language not yours
  5. Include the next steps – when you will contact them to discuss how they want to proceed

Try these and your proposals will become far more engaging and less like “6×2” quotes!

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F – Follow your customers to the “watering hole”


D – Deliver what you promise (not what you think you should promise!)…


Everywhere we look these days we see declarations of “Our customer promise”. I was at a well-known motor spares chain recently and one of their promises was that they contact every customer 30 days after their purchase to ensure they are completely happy with their product. Sounds great in theory, sounds even better when trying to come up with something that sets you apart from your competition.

Did I get a call from them? No! Did I get an email? No! Did I even get a short text message? No!

To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting them to contact me, because the sheer number of customers they get would have made it a nightmare of a challenge, but the point is – they said they would!

Beware of promising to deliver something to your customer after the sale – this is not to say you shouldn’t (on-going customer contact is crucial to you building a long-lasting business relationship) but in a world where you are always looking for the next customer and the next sale, remembering to do something for a customer you sold to last week is easier said than done.

So make sure you can definitely do it when you make your promise, otherwise your broken-promises might lead to broken business relationships!

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E – Engaging solutions (not a standard quote)