10 Tips to make your website the sales machine you want it to be…

I was asked to a meeting with a potential client recently, and as part of my preparation for the meeting I checked out their website to find out more about what they did. After glancing over their home-page for a few seconds, I really wasn’t sure.

When I went to see them, the lady in my meeting explained what they did, and I can honestly say it was nothing like what I thought their web-site had told me!

Now, accepting that I had totally got the wrong end of the stick regarding the messages on their website, I thought I would take another look at it.

Even with the hindsight of the explanation, I was still struggling to see the key sales messages and customer-benefits of buying their services. Without these, then your website will never be the shining advert for your business you want it to be.

With this in mind I’ve put together a list of top tips to ensure your website is the sales machine you want it to be –

  1. Include the biggest result you deliver for your customers in an easily-seen head-line next to your company name
  2. Keep all the key results you deliver for your customers near the top of your home-page (don’t expect potential clients to go scrolling to find them)
  3. Make buying from your site (if applicable) as easy as Amazon!
  4. If you blog, keep it up to date (there’s nothing worse than having a blog that hasn’t been updated for months)
  5. Have an easy-to-find “Contact Me” icon on your home-page for potential customers to hit and get updates from
  6. Whatever it is you do, sense-check this by getting someone who doesn’t know your business to read your head-line and tell you what you do
  7. If you want to include testimonials, link them to the appropriate result you deliver for your customers (don’t just list them haphazardly)
  8. Ensure all your words/copy is focussed on the results your customers get from using you
  9. Win the 5-second Rule – are you hooked by what you see on the home-page within 5 seconds of seeing it?
  10. Make sure the site is an accurate representation of you (because at some point the chances are a potential customer who has hit on your site is going to have to meet you before they buy)
I understand there are many other things web-designers would ensure your site includes, but hopefully practicing what I preach, I believe you know what I do and the results I deliver within 5 seconds of landing on my home-page…

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