A to Z of Simple Sales Tips: E – Engaging solutions (not just a standard quote)


The back of a successful sale should be broken long before you send the customer your proposal/quote. This should have been done when you met them and explained the results you can deliver for them. So why bother with a proposal/quote at all, you might ask?

I agree – if you can win the sale without sending one then definitely do so because it removes a stage of the sale cycle and saves you and your customer time writing/reading something that is not needed.

However, for most high-value sales there is usually a requisite for a proposal from the customer – so use this as the cementing of the results you discussed in your meeting.

Countless businesses fall down at this stage by posting/emailing out standard “6×2” quotes. I call them these because they remind me of a joiner’s shopping list for the local building merchants.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your results on paper and into your customer’s business – especially if someone else (other than who you have already met) is going to be party to the decision-making.

Here are 5 top tips to an engaging proposal –

  1. Include the #1 result you are going to deliver for your customer in the title (e.g. How we can help ABC Ltd increase your sales by 50%)
  2. Talk about the results you are going to deliver more than how you are going to deliver them
  3. Back up each result with a relevant case-study or testimonial
  4. Talk in your customer’s language not yours
  5. Include the next steps – when you will contact them to discuss how they want to proceed

Try these and your proposals will become far more engaging and less like “6×2” quotes!

Look out next time for…

F – Follow your customers to the “watering hole”


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