A to Z of Simple Sales Tips: F – Follow your customers to the “watering hole”


In the wild, animals congregate at the one place they all need to go – the watering hole (this is also where natural predators also go to watch their potential prey)

In business, we can learn much from this. For instance, if you are a physiotherapist then your typical customer will be someone who is suffering from muscular or joint problems. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a “watering hole” where people who have muscular or joint problems go? If you could you would have a ready-made group of potential customers. Well you can, because it exists already! It’s called a gym!

Everybody who goes to a gym will potentially have muscular or joint problems at some stage, so be there for when they do!

Find out what the “watering hole” is for your typical customer group (it might be a networking group, a social media group, or a conference/seminar) and ensure you’re there when they are – you’ll never struggle for potential customers again!

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