A to Z of Simple Sales Tips: H – Hope without action is just hopeless!


I know lots of people who spend lots of time hoping their business will be a success. Don’t get me wrong – we all hope we’re going to be a success in business. But the problem with hope is that it is a very small word that in reality doesn’t get us very far…on its own!

For instance, I hope to win the lottery at the week-end – but I’ll have absolutely no chance unless I buy a ticket! Also, I hope (one day) to own a very fast sports-car…but the chances are I won’t unless I put a plan in place to get one.

So hope on its own is kind of hopeless unless you attach it to a plan. Now the thing about planning is that (if you’re not careful) you can soak all your business-time into making plans and not actually doing something. So make sure your plans are based on action, not pondering. Doing, not refining! (Remember, it’s better to be good, than planning to be great!)

If you have an idea, get it done and get it out there – don’t think about for too long otherwise it’ll end up in planning hell and never get done. The best way to find out if an idea is any good is to try it out – only then can you improve/change it. Get it road-tested; don’t leave it on the ramps!

If you don’t put some action into your business, all you’ll have is hope – and that on its own is hopeless!

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I – Interested in your customers is better than being interesting!


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