A to Z of Simple Sales Tips: I – Interested in your customers is better than being trying to be interesting!


This is a simple tip to put into practice but one that will transform your customer meetings.

I spend a lot of time in hotel foyers and coffee shops having meetings with clients (both prospective and existing) and in the time before and after my meetings I tend to eaves drop into the meetings going on around me. A little naughty of me I know, but the insight it gives me into the selling skills on display is enlightening.

On the whole the meetings are usually between someone trying to sell their product/services and someone who they want to be their customer – but I often struggle to tell who is who, because the balance of the meeting is all wrong! All I hear is the salesperson talking and a whole load of silence and nodding coming from the other person. All wrong!

If you’re a salesperson and all you can hear is the sound of your own voice then you will inevitably struggle to find out about your customer, and why they should buy from you. Why? Because you’re spending the meeting trying to be interesting and talking all about yourself and your product/services and not being interested enough in your customer and what is important in their world.

In future, when in meetings with prospective customers, have a pad in front of you to make notes (a record of what your customer is saying) and write along the top W.A.I.T.

This stands for WHY AM I TALKING? Because if you are, then you shouldn’t be – it’s far better to be interested in what your customer has to say, than trying to be interesting with what you are saying!

Next time look out for…

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