A to Z of Simple Sales Tips: M – Make it easier for your customers to buy from you


When I worked as a sales manager in the financial services, part of my role would be to accompany financial advisers on their client visits.

I would be there make observations around how they conducted the interview and give feedback in order for the adviser to improve their skills.

One piece of feedback I often gave was when the client would say “I’ll think about it” at the close of the sale.

In sales-speak, when your customer says “I’ll think about it” it actually means they won’t think about it for a second longer – in fact it means they’re not going to buy from you at that point because you’ve done something wrong!

This may seem harsh, but I know it’s true from my own and other’s bitter experiences. There are many thinks you could have done wrong, or more accurately, not done well enough, but a common own-goal is not making it easy enough for your customer to buy from you.

Customers don’t want to make hard decisions when it comes to buying – I know this for fact, because I know I don’t and I’m someone’s customer.

So make sure your sales pitch –

  • Focuses on the results they’ll get > so they clearly know how their world will be improved after working with you
  • Is presented in simple language > if a 13 year old boy can’t grasp the basic premise of your pitch then you’re running the risk of it being too complicated!
  • Doesn’t include too many options > this can muddy the situation to a point where the customer is too confused by too many options to buy, so buys nothing!
  • Includes a pain-free easy purchase > many customers like to try before they buy so let them
  • Gives an example of others who have benefitted from your service > few of us are trail-blazers, which means most of us like to follow a well-trodden path (for instance, if you know someone who attends a Zumba class, I’ll bet you they started going because someone they knew was already going!)

If you do nothing else but include the above points in your next sales pitch, I guarantee you’ll be making it easier for your customers to buy from you.

You’ll soon start reducing the “I’ll think about its!”

Next time, look out for N in the A to Z of Simple Sales Tips!


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