A to Z of Simple Sales Tips: O – Opportunities to help your customers at every turn

How would you like to be thought of by your customers – as someone who simply sold to them, or as someone who helped them?

Forget being in business or sales for a second. Most people I meet quite like to think they’ve helped someone, and most people like to think they’ve been helped. It’s down to the fact that we are pack animals and not loners by nature. Therefore, we have a predisposition to help and be helped – so we can tap into human nature when we are trying to increase our sales.

I’ve talked before about how, in sales, we should be helping our customers get the results they want from our service/product. That way we should never feel like we are selling, but in fact helping our customers.

And giving help shouldn’t just be limited to what you can offer yourself, but how you can help your customer with other people/services you know of.

For instance, if you are talking to your customer, and they mention that they are looking for a new accountant, don’t close your mind to the opportunity of helping them. Of course you’re not an accountant, but you might know one who you think could do a good job for them – so pass on their details. Even better than that, why don’t you sort out for them to call each other?

Ok, so you’ve just set up a business opportunity for someone else, but how do you think your customer will be viewing you? As someone who helps, and not sells.

And what do you think your customer will do the next time they are in the market for your services? They will definitely buy from you, and won’t look elsewhere.

So the next time you are in contact with your customer, even in there is no immediate sale for you, make sure you keep looking at opportunities to help them get the results they are looking for. You will be rewarded more than you will ever think.

Watch out for the next Simple Sales Tip: P – Prepare for rain, even when the sun is shining…


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