B – Belief in your business…

If you are in business or are selling for someone else’s business then having belief in what you are representing is paramount. But here’s the thing – saying that you believe is totally different to believing in what you are saying.

It is the actions you put in place that really prove you believe.

For instance, the verbal language you use and the body language you show are both huge indicators of your belief. Verbally, make sure you avoid using words like “could”, “maybe”, and “hopefully” when communicating with potential customers.

These are not the kind of words that produce the absolute certainty that you believe in your business and more importantly believe in what it can do for your customers.

Also, your body language can trip you up – ensure you maintain eye contact with your customer when you are explaining the benefits of your business. Naval-gazing will do nothing except put doubt in your customer’s minds.

If you are not certain you believe in what you can deliver, then you have no chance of your customers believing in you!

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C – Clarity around the Results you deliver your customers

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