C – Clarity around the Results you deliver…


Do you know precisely how your customer’s world will be improved as a result of your business? Could you list the top 3 results you deliver right now?

If you hesitate over the answers to either question, then the chances are your customers don’t know how they could benefit from using your business – and if they don’t know then you will struggle to grow your sales.

The trick here is to not think that Results are what you do! They are not!

Results = the improvement your customers are left with after you’ve done it!

For example, the results delivered by an accountant isn’t just a completed tax-return (this is what they do)

The result of an effective accountant = reduced tax bill!

(Who would you rather engage the services of – an accountant who just completes your tax-return or an accountant that saves you money in taxes?)

Come up with the top 3 results you deliver for your customers and you will find they will be far more interested in talking to someone who delivers Results than just lists the services they offer.

Next time…

D – Deliver what you promise (not what you think you should promise!)


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