D – Deliver what you promise (not what you think you should promise!)…


Everywhere we look these days we see declarations of “Our customer promise”. I was at a well-known motor spares chain recently and one of their promises was that they contact every customer 30 days after their purchase to ensure they are completely happy with their product. Sounds great in theory, sounds even better when trying to come up with something that sets you apart from your competition.

Did I get a call from them? No! Did I get an email? No! Did I even get a short text message? No!

To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting them to contact me, because the sheer number of customers they get would have made it a nightmare of a challenge, but the point is – they said they would!

Beware of promising to deliver something to your customer after the sale – this is not to say you shouldn’t (on-going customer contact is crucial to you building a long-lasting business relationship) but in a world where you are always looking for the next customer and the next sale, remembering to do something for a customer you sold to last week is easier said than done.

So make sure you can definitely do it when you make your promise, otherwise your broken-promises might lead to broken business relationships!

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