Did you know you’re in the coffee business, and not sales…?

If you’re trying to build your business, one of the quickest and most effective ways to start that process is to get into the coffee business! No, I don’t mean buy a coffee-shop (although a friend of mine actually just has) but I do mean have coffee-chats.

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a huge marketing budget, then you have to master what I call Guerrilla Marketing (more of this in another blog) and part of that strategy is having as many conversations with as many potential customers or advocates of your service as possible. The reason for this is that nobody, absolutely NOBODY can represent you and your service any better than you.

So, take up camp in your favourite coffee-shop and start having coffee-chats. These chats are your opportunities to discuss and explain how your service/product can help people. Without these you will struggle to get sales.

I know a successful guy who offers a business mentoring service. He spends whole days at a time in his favourite spot and people come to him for advice and ideas around how he can help them – he never has to leave his chair!

Unless you are Amazon or eBay (and if you are, let me know why you’re reading this!) rarely will anyone buy what you’re selling without seeing you, especially if you are offering a service.

The networking organisation 4Networking have a motto know, like, trust – meaning you first need to know, like and trust before you can move onto a sale. Well, its practically impossible to get to know, like and trust someone without meeting them.

You need to see people – lots of people – when you are establishing or trying to grow your business. You can never speak to too many people and drink too much coffee – so make as many appointments as you can with people you meet networking (actual and virtual) and people who are referred to you.

Have a look in your diary now – how many coffee-chats have you got lined up for next week?

If you haven’t got any, then that could result in a dip in your sales further down the line, so make sure you get into and stay in the coffee-business! Your sales could depend on it!

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