Do you really know why your customers buy from you…?

Why do you think your customers buy from you? Are you just glad they do, or have you ever really considered why they do?

The real reason your customers buy from you is because they perceive you to be best-placed to deliver the results they want.

However, many businesses focus more on what they do, rather than how their customer’s world will be a better place as a result of what they’ve done. Yet, we know most customers will decide to buy based on the results they will get, not on what you do.

Consider this…

  • When speaking with your customers, do you talk more about your own business than you talk about there’s? Do you use words like WE more than YOU?
  • Does your marketing collateral, sales brochure or web-site talk more about what you do than the results you deliver for your customers?
  • Do you talk more about how you are going to help your customers, rather than the results they want after you’ve helped them?

If you ever find yourself doing this, then it doesn’t matter if you believe your product/service is better than your competitor – you will lose business you should be winning!

If you answered YES to the above points, then make sure you work on making sure you can say NO.

For instance…

  • Make sure you talk about your customer and their business more than yours
  • Review what your marketing literature and website is saying – ensure it focuses on the results your customers get from you
  • Don’t talk about your methods and approach (unless it helps differentiate you) more than the results your customers will get – for example, would you really care about the brushes and paste your decorator was going to use, or just how your house would look like after he’s finished?

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