Don’t give something up, take something up in 2012…


Happy New Year to you all. This may seem a little belated but as most of the world didn’t go back to work until Tuesday 3rd Jan I thought I would delay this post until you have shaken off your cobwebs and realised just how difficult it is to keep to all those resolutions you came up with.

It is hard, isn’t it? But then again anything worth achieving often is. However, don’t be too hard on yourself – don’t set your expectations too high. After all, it is better to keep one resolution than fail at five!

Also, it occurred to me that every year, our resolutions are often about what we are going to give up or reduce – smoking, drinking, eating etc.

However, it is far more positive have a resolution to take something up in 2012.

In other words, what are you going to DO, rather than not do?

This can be in your personal or business life. For example, if it’s personal, you could have a resolution to take up running three times a week.

Work-wise, I have come up with a resolution to get in touch with three old business contacts every week to see how they are getting on. This is so I can offer help if and when it is required.

I have put a reminder in my diary to do that every Friday morning.

So focus more on doing something, rather than not doing something.

Hope you have a positive first few days of 2012 and hit the ground running.


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