Don’t let your sales messages get lost in translation…


Although I’ll be resuming my A to Z of Simple Sales Tips after the summer break, I just wanted to share with you how I made a big mistake the other day.

I am currently looking after a project team, and each day I have to brief out changes to procedure and other pieces of information that are important for them to complete their work.

Sometimes I’ll do this verbally, though most of the time I’ll deliver the information via e-mail.

It was with one of these emails that I committed the cardinal sin of communication – I didn’t spell out exactly what I wanted my team to do.  Instead, I made the mistake of presuming that they would know where to find the information spread-sheets I was referring to in the email.

The end-result of this mistake was me having to burn much midnight oil whilst I rectified the errors.

Now let me stress, this was not, in any part, my team’s fault – it was all mine for not being clear, concise and bullet-proof with my instructions.

This blunder on my part reminded me of a recent conversation I had with a client of mine about their website. They were having problems converting the traffic they were getting to their site into sign-ups for their newsletters.

I said I would check out their website and find out what the problem was.

The reason for their lack of newsletter take-up was two-fold: The link for the newsletter wasn’t on their homepage, and there was no information about the newsletter even when you did find the link.

In short – they were making it too difficult for their audience to do what they wanted them to do (sign up for the newsletter) and there was no obvious benefit in doing so anyway!

It was the same mistake I had made with my team – I hadn’t made it easy for them to carry out the task I wanted them to do, and I hadn’t explained why it was important that they did it.

This was a communication break-down on my part. As communication is the core element of any successful sale, don’t let yours get lost in translation!


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