Don’t lock your Inner Branson away in your bedroom!

I was going to get back to my A to Z of Simple Sales Tips this week, but something happened that made me want to share this blog with you instead.

I was having a conversation with a client of mine about making the most of your Inner Branson – that is the part in all of us that thinks we can make a difference and come up an idea that can really fly – just like Richard Branson did when he first set up in business!

The thing with our Inner Branson though is that often it gets locked away in our bedroom and never gets to see the light of day – I mean, how many times have you heard someone telling you about a great idea they have for a new business, only for it to only ever stay as just that – an idea.

We can all lay in bed and day-dream about what we’d like to do, if only…if only…if only we unlocked our Inner Branson!

Real-life examples of locked Inner Branson’s are all around us. In fact, I remembered talking to two different guys about 6 months ago who had Inner Branson ideas.

Both wanted to earn money while they slept by setting up e-commerce websites to sell their product 24/7. One was by selling watches; the other was mobile-phone paraphernalia.

 In my opinion, the guy with the mobile-phone site had the better market proposition, while I wasn’t sure about the on-line watch shop being a winner.

I spoke to them both the other day – the watch guy, who didn’t have a great business plan to start with but just wanted to get on with it, and the mobile-phone guy, who wanted to make sure his web-site was spot-on and professional. The watch guy is booming, with orders coming out of his ears – and the mobile-phone guy? Well, he’s still waiting to get his website set up…

Basically, the difference between the two guys was the acceptance to let their Inner Branson fly.  A former business colleague of mine – Andy Bounds – used to say “sometimes it doesn’t have to be great, because good is good enough!”

You know what? I agree with him – if you’ve got an idea don’t let it get bogged down with peripheral stuff, because it’s so easy to let it. Don’t let getting the right logos and branding hold you back. Of course it’s important, but not as important as road-testing your idea and just GETTING IT OUT THERE!  

The watch guy’s website isn’t great but is most definitely good enough – and his sales are proving it! He tells me he’ll improve his website in time but for now it’s more than fit for purpose.

So get out there and don’t lock your Inner Branson in your bedroom – because more often than not good enough is good enough to be great!


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