Don’t make it a hard sell – make it an easy buy!

Have you ever found yourself looking on E-bay on a Saturday night? I know it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure, but I like checking out out-of-print 1970s British horror-fiction novels (they’re my thing!) to see how much they’re being sold for. You might like old Pink Floyd vinyl LPs, but my thing are killer crabs and man-eating rats. All this is good, harmless fun until…until I’ve had a drink! (It is, after all, Saturday night!)

Oh dear, drink and E-bay are not a good combination. You’ve heard of parental restrictions on computers, right? Well, I wish my laptop had a breath-test for alcohol consumption! Below safe limits, no problem, proceed to check-out. Above alcohol limits? Uh-uh! Complete lock-down, no basket for online shopping, no check-out, and no credit card details needed! (How this would have saved me a small fortune over the years!)

The problem is, sites like Amazon and E-bay make it so damn easy to buy – a couple of clicks and its done (don’t even get me onto down-loading books onto my Kindle!)

Of course they make it easy! That is exactly how they want it. Make it only minutely more difficult and buyers will have second thoughts and click-off their sites. It is their prime objective to make buying from them as easy as humanly possible.

And that is how you should view your own products and services.

Ask yourself, how hard do you make it for customers to buy from you?

In today’s market, nobody wants to take risks when they are buying new services. So, the harder you make your sale, the less easy you will make it to buy from you. Let me explain…

Do everything you can to make buying from you easy (nobody likes being sold to so don’t try!) just like Amazon and E-bay do with their customers.

Your easy buys could be free advice and tips. Another easy buy could be a special introductory price. Or you could make buying from you easier by increasing the value of your offering in a 2 for the price of 1 kind of way.  

A solicitor friend of mine offers a free initial consultation for her clients. She reckons 4 out of 5 of those free sessions result in fee-paying clients, but they start off by making an easy buy decision.

Offering an easy buy allows you to start gaining the confidence of your customers and building proper business relationships. A hard sell will ensure you never attract the customers you want, because you will make it too difficult to buy from you.

Take a look at your offering – is it a hard sell, or an easy buy?

2 thoughts on “Don’t make it a hard sell – make it an easy buy!

  1. How true is this post? I’m sat here, on me tod, having had a few few beers, downloading music (legally) and buying books like there’s no tomorrow. Why? Cus I can and it’s easy. It’s gonna cost me a fortune! Sob!

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