Go back to the future for success in Q2 2012…

Why don’t you go back to the future this holiday weekend?

Going back is sometimes the best way to ensure success in the future – let me explain…

This week in the UK we’re enjoying our first holiday week-end of the year. It is also the end of the tax-year (and the start of the new one) and the end of the first quarter of 2012.

As well as enjoying a well-earned break, what better time to take a deep breath and look at what you’ve achieved so far this year – you’ve been working away at you business for the last 12 weeks so how have things gone?

Take a piece of paper and answer the following questions as best you can –

  1. What has been your biggest success and why?
  2. What has been your biggest challenge and why?
  3. What did you want to do and haven’t?
  4. What have you done but wished you hadn’t?

Once you have your answers this is what to do next –

  1. Look at ways you can repeat this more often
  2. Work out what you would do differently to overcome this next time (because it will happen again!)
  3. Remove the reason why you haven’t and make sure you set about doing it to a deadline (don’t make it a line in the sand because we can always keep moving those!)
  4. Check to see if – in hindsight – there was any warning signs you should have seen, and look out for those warning signs next time to avoid doing it again

Time spent on this little exercise will help you have a successful 2nd quarter to the year!

Have a great Easter break…

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