Have your customers got the CBA – The Correct Buying Attitude…?

I’m sure many of us have heard of having the CMA – the Correct Mental Attitude – when it comes to getting the right approach to achieving success.

And achieving success in sales is exactly the same! But it is also important that your customers have the correct mental attitude towards you!

As I’ve talked about many times before in my various blogs, Tweets, articles and my book (Zero Sell Sale: Sales tips for people who hate sales!) sales is less about you and all about the results you deliver for your customers.

In order for you customers to start thinking about the results you can deliver for them, you have to make sure they have the CBA – the Correct Buying Attitude!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could simply walk into a meeting with our customers, tell them what we do, so that they quickly and easily see the benefits of what we do, and then they buy from us?

IF ONLY!!!!!

It rarely (if ever) works that way. But why is that?

Well, the biggest reason is because most customers have to have the Correct Buying Attitude to buy – and the good news is you can do a lot towards getting them that way!

Now there are a couple of things you can’t control (like an argument with their partner, or no budget to buy however much they want you) but on the whole you can do a lot towards getting them in the right frame of mind, or the CBA.

For instance, when you are talking about what you do, put it into a context that shows the results they will get – because that is what they are really interested in hearing about, whether they realise it or not.

For example, take this sentence…

“Mr Customer, we can train all your staff on the effective use of social media.”

I’m not sure that sentence would get your customer in the CBA as much as…

 “Mr Customer, we could help you increase your sales by training your staff on the effective use of social media.”

By saying the latter sentence you are planting the seed of how your customer’s world is potentially going to be a better place (increased sales) as a result of buying from you – this is a sure-fire way of shifting your customer towards the CBA – Correct Buying Attitude!

Try it! It works – not every time (because they may have just had an argument with their partner or genuinely just don’t have the budget) but it will definitely increase your chances of increasing your sales!


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