How to avoid a holiday hangover for your business…


I thought I’d take a break from the A to Z of Simple Sales Tips to give you a topical tip for the summer holiday season.

Many of us at this time of year take our annual holidays – typically a week or two in the sun. However, research has shown that for people who run their own business, a two-week break can often lead to as much as a month’s worth of lost income!

Let me explain why this is…

In the week leading up to the holiday, we often end up getting lost in a mad whirl of tickets, passports, currency and packing – with business meetings being relegated to the back seat. But the week (or weeks!) following our holiday can often be far worse!

How many times have you come off holiday to an empty diary? No business appointments lined up and no-one to talk business to.

This scenario slows down your ability to deal with the PHBBs (Post Holiday Business Blues) and before you know it you’ve already written off your first week back and are convincing yourself that the following week will be better!

Just like that, the cost of a two-week holiday has rocketed to include the price of the holiday itself, the spending money – and now a month’s worth of lost business! How many of us can truly afford to do that?

So, in order to avoid a holiday hangover for your business, in the week before your pre-holiday week (or even more in advance if you’re organised) ensure you nail down some business meetings in your diary for the days before you go on your break.

In addition – and this is even more important – make sure you definitely nail some for the week you get back – in fact, the best way to get your “work” cogs turning again after a glut of sun, sea and sangria is to have a business meeting scheduled for your first day back.

This will, without doubt, get you back in the business grove and on your game in record time – crucially, it will reduce the chance of suffering a holiday hangover that costs you a month’s worth of wages!

Happy holidays!


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