I’m looking forward to helping you…

Hi Everybody

Thank you for visiting my site. First I’ll start by saying I’m really looking forward to helping you with this site. Over the coming days, weeks and months, I will post blogs that are designed to give you tips on how to sell more business without it feeling like you are selling.

Please keep checking back for new stuff (because it will be coming on-line every few days)

Also, I should soon have a “Blog Notification” tag, that will mean you can get a nudge whenever I put something new on here.

In addition, if Twitter is your thing, I would love for you to follow me @ZeroSellSale.

Lastly, in order for me to help you I need to know what you need help with. So feel free to drop me a line (dt@zerosellsale.com) with any burning sales issues you have – chances are I’ll post a blog that will help you with whatever is causing you a problem.

Thanks for reading, Damian


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