Make 2014 the year of Appreciation!

I was driving back from work one day last week, when I heard a researcher on the radio talking about how more people than ever before searched for a new job on that day (it was the first Monday of the new year)

Apparently, 20% of all employees went to work that morning and decided they wanted a change in direction. Why was this? A new year and a new broom sweeping clean? Maybe.

Was it, wanting an increase in wages? Possibly.

According to the researcher though, the main reason people were looking for a new job wasn’t about money or the fact it’s the New Year – above all it was because they want to feel more wanted by their employer.

The majority of employees state that the biggest factor leading to them feeling dissatisfied at work, is down to a lack of appreciation from their bosses. Conversely, many bosses feel they don’t always appreciate the work their employees do because they too often take it for granted. Either way, it’s a recipe for disaster – because the cost of recruiting new staff is often far more expensive than simply retaining existing employees.

So, if you’re an employer, make one of your New Year Resolutions to tell your staff more often how much you appreciate them – even if you can’t afford to give them a pay rise, try something else. For instance, give them some unexpected time off as a thank you for their hard work.

If you’re not an employer but you are in business, you can still learn a lot from this research – for instance, it’s a fact that many customers look to change suppliers because (you guessed it) they don’t feel appreciated!

Therefore, whether you have people working for you, or you have customers (or both) ask yourself a question – what am I doing to ensure they feel wanted?

Make sure you have a good answer, because the cost of finding quality new staff and quality new customers is one you don’t want to swallow so early in 2014.


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