Make it easier for your contacts to refer you…

Do you ever wonder why you don’t get more new business enquiries?

If you give a great service or supply a brilliant product, then your customers will want to sing your praises from the rooftops – so why is it then that this singing doesn’t get you more business enquiries?

Let’s look at the equation – great service + happy customers = more business leads. Yes? Well, you would thing so but something somewhere must go wrong, because few businesses get the new enquiries they deserve from their hard work…and this is why!

I was recently at a networking meeting, where everyone around the table was asking for their ideal referrals – for instance, one guy said “I’m looking for introductions into graphic-designers”.

A perfectly reasonable request, you might think. So why might the other people around the table struggle to get him the introductions he wants?

Because he missed out a vital part of the referral request – he didn’t tell them what to say to the graphic-designers in order for the graphic-designer to want to see him. Without knowing the right things to say, most people will either say the wrong things and not get any interest, or even worse, not say anything at all!

So give your referrers the right words to say to the person you want an introduction to. To know the right words, first consider this – why would anyone want to give up their time to see you?

It’s a great question, and one you should ask yourself.

Can you save them money? Can you increase their sales? Can you get them more customers? Can you save them time?

Be clear on the key result you can help with, and include that in the words you want your referrer to say.

For instance, “I’m looking for introductions into graphic-designers. If you know a graphic-designer can you say to them “I know someone who can help you win more sales, would you like a chat with them?”

What you have now done is given your referrer all the right things to say to the people you want introductions to. This will make it easier for them to refer you, and increase the chances of you getting the leads you want and deserve.


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