Make sure your business engine has the right mix of oil and water!

I don’t know a great deal about cars (except how to drive them and what looks cool!) and I certainly wouldn’t know where to start if I had to stick my head under the bonnet of one (that’s why God created friends like Mick the Mechanic!) However, I do know that a car needs oil and water to help it run. Yet, I also know that if I pour a pint of water and a pint of oil into a bucket and try to mix them together…they won’t!

So, here’s the situation, an engine needs oil and water in order to run properly, yet oil and water won’t mix together whatever you do to try! Brilliant – hopefully by now you’re thinking what has oil, water and engines got to do with winning new business. Let me explain…

If you can imagine the engine is your business. Now, as we’ve established every engine needs oil and water to run successfully. In this instance, imagine the oil is marketing and the water is sales. Your business engine needs both, but often I find businesses only have one and not the other.

Here’s an example – a business-owner I know recently paid a substantial amount of money to a marketing company to run an e-marketing campaign for them (absolutely nothing wrong with that, by the way) When they told me about this, I asked them how they were going to follow the campaign up?

They said: “Well, the idea is that I’ll get some interested clients ringing me up as a result of the campaign.”

“Fantastic!” I said. “Do you know what to say to them when they call you?”

At this point, it was obvious they hadn’t really thought about it. Also, they hadn’t thought about how to follow up the e-shots that don’t call them. So, if marketing is oil, then their business engine had plenty of oil but no water!

In very simplistic terms, effective marketing drives interested customers in front of you. Good sales skills then help you to persuade them to buy from you and not your competition.

Here is a simple equation that is true for all of us – a successful salesperson won’t sell a wrapper unless they’ve got someone to sell to, and an ineffective salesperson won’t sell a wrapper even if they have someone to sell to!

So make sure your business engine has the right balance of oil and water – get the marketing mix that is right for your business (effective use of social media via the support of Linked2Success is a good place to start) and then make sure you have the right sales skills to persuade customers to buy from you. Both oil and water are vital if you want your business engine to really purr!

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