Spring clean your old business leads…

I’m sure you’ve all noticed the nights and mornings getting lighter – Spring is a great time of year, with everything to look forward to, and the long winter nights starting to fade away.

Also, Spring is a great time to clean-up your old business leads! If you are anything like me, throughout the year I meet many people, either through networking or referrals. The aim is obviously to make these people customers as soon as possible. However, inevitably for a variety of reasons, some don’t lead to business straight away. This could be because they don’t have a budget, or it isn’t an immediate priority, or other business needs get in the way.

Whatever the reason, these leads go cold. You might make promises to contact them in 6 months’ time and you might make a note to call them in your diary. But sometimes they drop completely off your business radar and you forget about them while they gather cobwebs.

This is why you need to Spring-clean these half-forgotten opportunities. I call them opportunities because even though they didn’t buy from you originally, their situation could have now changed so that they are potentially in a position to buy from you

So, wherever you keep your details of old leads, take the opportunity to dig them out and re-connect with them.

I recently did this, and simply dropped them an email titled “How are things going with you?” with a couple of short paragraphs asking them how things were going in their world/business as I hadn’t spoken to them for nearly a year. Within a couple of hours they had returned the email, said things were going really well and that they had been rushed off their feet for months. They also mentioned they would be interested in me doing some training for their new employees!

Fantastic – all from just taking the time to drop someone a “How are things with?” you email.

Make sure you Spring-clean your old business leads – you never know what might turn up under the cobwebs and dust!

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