The fuel for your fire…


This isn’t a straight-forward sales tip, so you really don’t need to read this if you don’t want!

This is more about me (which is a bit self-indulgent, so I’ll apologise now) and what keeps us going in the face of adversity and doubt.

When you’re in business there is always something that you need to keep you going – it might be a big new order that puts the smile on your face or it might be a great testimonial from a client that talks about how brilliant your service is.

It doesn’t matter what it is, but we all cling hold of them and use them as fuel to fire our passion and goals – it is that fuel that drives us to our next success.

Sometimes, however that fuel isn’t always something that is obviously positive – in fact, sometimes the fuel starts life as something altogether negative and destructive.

I found that today. Someone new who has recently come into my life has a friend who is doing the right and proper thing and advising her to do due diligence about me, as every friend would, does and should.

Part of that advice was to question my integrity – in fact, it was more basic that that!

She asked “If he has been so successful in his career in the past, what has he got to show for it now?”

This is from someone who doesn’t know me, my past, my family, and the place in life where I started and what I’ve gone through to get to here, but maybe believes success is measured solely in baubles and bank accounts alone.

Also, to be fair to her I don’t know here either but this observation on me and what I try to deliver to people who believe in the advice I offer was a real dagger in the ribs.

On reflection, I used her words as motivation because I totally believe in me and what I can do for you and my clients.

The world, I find, is full of doubters and cold-water pourers and it is easy to let them douse your passion for what you do.

In the same day I met a guy who I had not seen for more than 5 years. He told me he would never had made it to where he is today without my help.

I was chocked up by what he said, especially in light of what else had happened. It also taught me a priceless lesson – don’t ever let people with feet of clay drag you down, because your feet are made of far more substantial stuff!

Onwards and upwards to all you out there that believe in more than what you do!

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