T’was the week before Christmas…

…and there was shopping to do and the wrapping of the presents to start. And then there were cards to write and send. The list was endless, just like every year.

And every year it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking the business year finishes 2 weeks earlier than it needs to do, which can have a negative effect on your start to the New Year.

I remember when I was a manager of a team of sales representatives, this time of year they always struggled to have any client appointments in their diaries, therefore they had nothing to do. I used to empathise with them, but couldn’t quite understand why they were struggling so much to get anyone to see them.

Therefore, I sat down with one of my team and asked him why he thought his diary was empty.

“Well, it’s obvious, boss. People are too busy to see us with it being so close to Christmas.”

I nodded. “Is that what they are telling you?”

“That’s right.”

As his manager, it was only right that I should try and help him, so I rang up some clients.

Amazingly, I managed to get 2 appointments from 3 calls.

He was amazed, also. “How did you do that?”

“I never mentioned Christmas.”

It was as simple as that. If you think your client won’t want to see you because it’s getting near Christmas, then the chances are you’ll find yourself saying exactly that when you call them.

For example, “I know it’s getting near Christmas, but I wondered if you are free…”

So, don’t mention Christmas. I’ve just managed to arrange a couple of meetings for the end of next week. All I talked about was business and dates in a diary, and I never mentioned the fact that it was only 2 days before Christmas!

Just imagine if you could arrange 2 more business meetings than you usually would at this time of the year, what positive effect would that have moving into January?

Also (unless you are on holiday) don’t forget the working days between Christmas and the New Year.

Quite often, if people are working on those days they aren’t doing too much so they are often grateful of an excuse to see you for a chat.

Get them appointments in the diary, and give yourself a great chance of a great start to the New Year.

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