Use your Magic Wand or paint a Rain Cloud to find out your client’s needs…

I often get asked about the kind of questions to use to find out about a client’s needs. This is a vital stage of the sales process, which if you get right will help differentiate you from your competition.

However, if you get it wrong you will never truly find out what your client really wants from your services – and this can lead to you not winning the business.

So the questions should be all about the results your clients want to achieve following your help, not about what you can do for your client.

If you are struggling to get your client into the correct mind-set to start thinking about the results they want, don’t worry!

Amazingly, many clients don’t know exactly what they want, they just know they need your help – but this is where you can start coming across as being someone they want to buy from, not someone who is trying to sell to them.

It’s important you get them to start visualising what a positive effect on them or their business you can have. You can do this by using your magic wand! (I’ve been using it for years!)

Simply try saying this to your client – “If you had a magic wand, what changes would you make to you/your business?”

The answer to that is always going to be the start of you finding out what your client really wants to achieve. You will, of course have to ask more questions but at least you will be on the right track.

However, some clients may struggle to picture what good looks like. If that’s the case don’t worry, it’s just because they’re not wired to instantly focus on the positives.

With these clients you have to paint a rain cloud!

Nobody likes the idea of getting a soaking – so ask them a “rain cloud” question.

For instance, you could say “What effect on your business could not increasing your sales have over the next year?”

Whatever they answer with, all you have to do is say you can provide them with the opposite as the result of your help. Simple!

So try out your magic wand and rain cloud – you’ll find they are a good way to get your clients to open up and tell you what they really want from your help.


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