What didn’t you like about 2011?…

What didn’t you like about 2011

At this time of year, you might be thinking about the things you want to change about either yourself or your business in 2012. It is wonderfully positive to create an image of what you want to happen and to work towards that – growing your business, expanding into new territories, increasing sales etc.

However, before knowing what you want to change for the better in the new year ahead, you sometimes first have to look back at the year you’ve just had.

This is what to do – make a list of all the things you DIDN’T like about your business in 2011 – for instance, being dependent on just one customer for your income, or spending too much time with customers who didn’t contribute significantly to your bottom-line.

Once you have a list, you now have your action-points for 2012 – for example, if being dependent on just one large customer worried you in 2011, then your action-point for the new year is to find more customers of that size.

So, if you are struggling to think about how you want to change your business for the better in 2012, start with what you didn’t like about your business in 2011 – you’ll find your action points come much more easily.

Good luck and great success for 2012…


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