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For those of you who have heard of BNI, the world’s biggest business networking organisation, thay have a motto givers gain.

That is what I want to do with this website and its blogs and tips – I want to give to businesses so I can help them increase their sales.

As well as the website, I have my book Zero Sell Sale: Sales Tips for People Who Hate Selling! Although the book goes into more detail and action-points designed to help businesses grow, it is clear, straight-forward and easy to understand.

In addition to this site and my book, I also help businesses directly, with tailored advice specific to their particular issues and challenges. I do this via delivering training sessions or with support through regular sales coaching meetings.  I commonly help with –

  • Ensuring you have clear and persuasive key messages that differentiate you from your competition
  • Making sure the words on your web-site and literature are engaging and memorable
  • Knowing how to make the most of your business networking activity
  • Constructing sales presentations designed to win more clients
  • Gaining new business leads through effective referrals
  • Providing a sales strategy to will help you grow your business
  • Project-managing re-branding and re-focusing on your market
Products/Workshops/Services – Coming soon!

If you would like to find out more about how I can help your business win more sales, just drop me a line at

One thought on “How I can help your business

  1. Great site Damian and definitely going to sort me a copy of your book. Hope things are well with you, damn busy (profitably) here which is good news.

    By the way, your website address at the end of your Linked2Success group posts is missing the http://, to make it become hyperlinked for the recipient. It’ll make it easier for them to click on it instead of having to copy and paste.

    Must catch up soon



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