What is the Zero Sell Sale?


If I was you, I would be thinking just what is the zero sell sale?

As I have mentioned in the About Me section, I hate hard-selling. Let me explain what I mean by I HATE HARD SELLING.

I would hate the idea of sitting in front of a customer and trying to persuade them to buy something they didn’t think they need or want. That would feel like HARD SELLING.

Here’s another one – I hate meetings with suppliers where the whole meeting is taken up with the supplier talking all about their product and service. That, to me, feels like I’m being SOLD to.

For these reasons and many more, I decided over 20 years ago that I hated selling, because I also hated being on the receiving end of being sold to.

That is when I started to analyse more closely just what goes on between salesperson and customer.

Imagine for a second the traditional relationship between the salesperson and the customer. The salesperson is trying to sell on one side of the equation, and on the other side there is a customer who doesn’t want to be sold to, but wants to buy what they feel they need or want. The reason they feel they want/need something is because they have a perception that their world will be improved as a result of their purchase.

In a nutshell, customers are less interested in what they are being sold, and more interested in the results they get after they’ve bought it.

As a result of these observations, I started suggesting to the sales-teams I managed to stop trying to sell your product or service and start finding out what issues customers most want help with and if you can convince them that you can help deliver the results they want, the customer will want to buy. Hence, you don’t have to sell anymore because customers want to buy from you; which is a far more pleasant experience for both the salesperson and the customer.

Wouldn’t we all prefer our customers to want to buy from us, instead of us trying to hard sell to them?

And so, the Zero Sell Sale was born – the easy art of being able to make a sale without having to sell!

The blogs on this site will help you get better at making the Zero Sell Sale. The tips in my book will help you get better at making the Zero Sell Sale.

If there is anything you would like me to blog about that will help you with your sales, just let me know at dt@zerosellsale.com


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